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Instytut DMT

Polski Instytut Psychoterapii Tańcem i Ruchem

The Training - structure

The training is a postgraduate programme based on the requirements of the Polish Psychotherapy Council for trainings in psychotherapy. Its aim is to prepare students for independent psychotherapeutic practice. The programme was established in cooperation with DMT tutors from Roehampton University and Goldsmith's University of London. Its main author is Penelope Best who for many years held the position of DMT Programme Convenor at Roehampton University.

The training is affiliated with ADMT UK and accredited by the Polish Association for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy. Upon completing the full programme students may apply for registration with the Polish Association for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy. Our Association is recognized by the EADMT (European Association of Dance Movement Therapy).


The training will be available to students meeting the following requirements:

  • Graduates of MA/MSc studies, preferably in a relevant subject.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • A wide movement vocabulary, than can be achieved through experience in dance - min. 2 yrs in a particular dance technique or regular attendance of DMT workshops.
  • Participation in the 'Introduction to DMT' workshop organised by the DMT Institute (see WORKSHOPS).
  • Sending in a completed application form.

Only applicants meeting all the above requirements are invited to the intake process. The intake consists of a movement session and verbal interview.      

The 4th Edition of the training will commence on October 25th, 2013. The training lasts 4 years and consists of monthly 3-day sessions (starting 12.30 p.m. on Fridays, finishing at 4 p.m. on Sundays). In total there are 33 sessions - 9 in each of the first 3 years and 6 in the final year of studies. Each academic year starts in October. The training is facilitated in a group of 18-24 students.      

Classes are facilitated by Polish and UK tutors. Currently 30% of the Saturday-Sunday session are offered by Senior practitioners (SRDMT level) from the UK.

The Institute offers classes in a studio that is spacious enough to allow for free movement of the whole student group.


  • Translation of all classes held in English into Polish,
  • The possibility of individual supervision
  • Assistance in organising clinical placements,
  • Work possibilities for outstanding graduates.

The cost of training in the 4th Edition is as follows:

PLN 6350 in the 1st year of traning, PLN 6600 in the 2nd and 3rd year of traning, PLN 4500 in the 4th year of training. The fee is paid in 9 monthly installments each year. The final exam fee is PLN 800.