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Instytut DMT

Polski Instytut Psychoterapii Tańcem i Ruchem

Institute - The team

Zuzanna Pędzich

Senior Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, cofounder and tutor at the Polish DMT Institute. Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics and University of Minnesota (MBA) as well as Dance Movement Therapy studies at Roehampton University in London. In 1997- 2002 dance movement therapist at the Institute for Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, in 2001-2005 at the Oncology Centre in Warsaw. She works with individuals and groups and specialises in helping clients with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Secretary of European Network of Dance Movement Therapy in 2007 -2010. Recent publications: Z. Pędzich (red.)Psychoterapia Tańcem i Ruchem: Teoria i Praktyka, GWP, Sopot 2013, Z. Pędzich (red) Psychoterapia Tańcem i Ruchem: Terapia indywidualna i grupowa, GWP, Sopot 2013; Z. Pędzich, Psychoterapia tańcem i ruchem, in: L. Grzesiuk, H. Suszek (red.) Psychoterapia. Szkoły i Metody, Eneteia, Warszawa 2011.


Małgorzata Wiśniewska

Dance Movement Psychotherapist Registered. Graduate of the Warsaw Medical Academy and the Polish Institute for Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Presently co-owner and tutor at the Institute. She is particularly interested in Authentic Movement and has completed and assisted at a training in AM organised in cooperation with the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy founded by Linda Hartley. She has participated in a multitude of DMT workshops and CPD courses within Poland and Great Britain. Her professional experience includes working at the Dept. For Neurotic Disorders in Komorów and at the Centre for Psychotherapy in Warsaw. She currently works with children at an integrative kindergarden as well as with adolescents and adults in private practice. She is one of the authors of the 2-volume "Psychoterapia Tańcem i Ruchem" published in 2013 by GWP. In 2009-2013 board member at the Polish Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy.