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Instytut DMT

Polski Instytut Psychoterapii Tańcem i Ruchem

Institute - About us

The DMT Institute - Polish Institute for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy was established as the first independent centre in Poland to offer a complex training for dance movement psychotherapists. The training is a postgraduate programme, first established by Zuzanna Pedzich and Wioletta and Marek Gajowy in cooperation with Penelope Best.
In 2008 the Institute's DMT Training was affiliated with the Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK and accredited by the Polish Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Since July, 2013 the Institute is directed by Zuzanna Pedzich and Malgorzata Wisniewska.

The goals of the Institute are as follows:

  • Enhancing knowledge about dance movement psychotherapy, including establishing a training programme in cooperation with dance therapists from the UK,
  • Offering dance movement psychotherapy for children and adults,
  • Establishing professional standards for dance movement psychotherapy training and registration in Poland.

Adress for correspondence:           
The DMT Institute - Polish Institute for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy    
ul. Rybnicka 77         
02-432 Warsaw, Poland